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Through this selection we have tried to lead you into different worlds representing art today while you discover, at the same time, the beautiful Brussels’ buildings.

Good to Know

Mu-inthecity is a  web-magazine (FR/EN) dedicated to visual arts. Museums, art centres, exhibitions, galleries, foundations and the art market are reviewed daily by a team of journalists and columnists with a discerning and critical eye. Portraits of artists and other players in the cultural world are also featured.

Brussels-based Mu-inthecity covers Belgium and, occasionally, must-see exhibitions and major events abroad.

If you love art, a connoisseur or even a budding connoisseur, and you wish to get off the beaten track then, like us, receive their newsletter twice per week and consult the website and archives of this revue created less than a year ago by Muriel de Crayencour and which has a promising future !


Please be careful and check the days and hours of opening of the Galleries.  They often open at the end of the morning and at the end of the week !

1000 Brussels

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1050 Ixelles

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1060 Saint-Gilles

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1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

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1180 Uccle

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