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Main websites giving you information on all cultural activities in Brussels and Belgium :

The trilingual (EN/FR/NL) Cultural Guide to Brussels 2014 invites you to discover and enjoy the full cultural Life of the city and will give you ideas for outings all year long.

Price : € 10

ISBN : 9782960083767


Arsène 50
Arsène 50 is an online and over-the-counter ticketing service where you can buy last-minute, half-priced tickets for events in Brussels. Seats are available online and at the counter (BIP 2-4 Rue Royale 1000 Brussels) from 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm at the day of the event. 

Arsène 50

Museum PASS

Pay €50 once and visit all the participating Belgian museums (120) during one year.
The name is mentioned on the card and must be validated online. You can, therefore, buy it and offer it.


Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

The IRPA-KIK is a unique resource for scientific, photographic and technical documentation of the cultural heritage of the country.


Museum Night Fever

Once a year in March, one night of exhibitions, music, dance, performances, DJs, in more than 20 museums of Brussels. MNF pass: 20 museums, afterparty and STIB shuttle.


Late night openings

From end of September until middle of December, every Thursday evening, many museums stay open between 5 and 10pm, proposing original activities for only € 3,00 (€ 1,50 up to 25 years of age) or for free.


Free museums in Brussels

100 free museums in Belgium every first Sunday of the month, including 24 museums in Brussels!


All about venues and movies

Cinema seats are cheaper on Mondays!

New films come out on Wednesdays!

In Brussels, films are generally shown in their original version (VO) with bilingual subtitles (French and Flemish).

There are reductions for students and senior citizens.

Useful abbreviations


Master works of the opera, live, on the giant screen of the Eldorado UGC of Brouckère and in the « Prestige » room of UGC Toison d’Or. Possible Subscription package.

Live broadcast of the famous operas and behind the scenes with interviews with the singers. In a nutshell: opera in all situations!



Europalia is a major international arts festival held every two years to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage, which focuses on one culture in a comprehensive programme of music, fine arts, photography, cinema, theatre, dance, literature, architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy.


Event Pass

Your concert begins with the Event Pass, a STIB combi-ticket ! STIB offers your travel ticket for major cultural events in Brussels. news/-event-pass-stib

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