The SmartPhone application « Expats in Brussels » highlights and completes this chapter in order to enable you to identify the clubs near your house or your place of work. Different arrangements, traditional or original, to reinvigorate you.

Aside from water cures, which use spring water, and thalassotherapy, using seawater and its derivatives, for their curative powers and ability to promote well-being, many ‘a la carte’ programmes to get you into shape. Here are the addresses of some thalasso centres, spas, and centres to get you into shape.

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Municipal sports complexes 
and centres

The sports centres of the Brussels’ municipalities are very active and offer a multitude of sports at very democratic prices. You can find them in the Smartphone application “Expats in Brussels”, “sport” section, which will enable you to identify them in relation to your home.

These offer a wide range of sports and are open to all, including non-residents, at reasonable prices. They also organise holiday sports training classes for children.
Most of the time municipalities’ websites give you well-detailed information about the different sports centres.

Independent sports centres 
and prived clubs

Payment of a membership fee and/or an annual subscription gives you membership of a club and entitles you to use its facilities. There are lots of sports clubs and leisure centres in Brussels. 

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