« 19 », the new school of Brussels’ computer coding ... ... opened its doors in April of this year.

Posted on 28.05.2018

Schools using new educational methods

You are between 18 and 30 years old, you’re motivated, persevering, resistant to stress, and want to develop your creativity ?  This school, with a completely innovating concept, is perhaps made for you.
No previous training is required.
You are in a phase of self-questioning? We are offering you a chance, without judging.

The selection procedure is accessible to all.
The online tests successfully allow you to attend an information meeting in which the training will be given.
It is followed by a total immersion test of one month, called “the swimming pool” which you must succeed in order to follow this formation.
Training by project takes place from a period varying from 3 to 5 years, permitting the student to progress at his rhythm.

The education, available free of charge, is entirely borne by private sponsors.

Interested ?
Visit at once the site  
A preview of the atmosphere?

Open House – Saturday June 16th
Rue Engeland, 555 – 1180 Uccle