10 off the beaten track addresses in Brussels and around and 10 reasons to feed your curiosity.

Posted on 15.03.2021

Corner of Pleasures

Brussels is a city often unique and surprising- even in their humour, Belgians like to be a little offbeat. Belgian surrealism? You know it of course!
We are giving you here some addresses that will bring you humor, sweetness, joy or fun in Brussels.
In any case you will find there some degree of pleasure.


Brussels is lucky to house many museums but this one is new and is a little hidden, but a little gem.
The Delvaux Museum
7 Boulevard Louis Schmidt 7, 1040 Bruxelles
The Belgian leather goods luxury brand Delvaux, the oldest in the world, has opened a museum in their workshop in the Arsenal area of Brussels in Etterbeek. Don’t expect a chronological history of the handbag, but a thematic presentation of best-sellers and unique pieces of the brand.  Located on the last floor of the building, you will pass by the workshops before entering into a very particular universe.  As it is an exclusive brand, you need to make an appointment to visit the museum.
Les miniatures belgitude by Jaco Van Dormael

Under one roof, The Salon d'Art brings together a contemporary art gallery and a hairdresser.
Alechinsky, Topor, Christian Dotremont, Jo Delahaut and other well-known names have been exhibited there.
Refresh your haircut in a place of beauty ... tempting?
Le Salon d'Art
Rue de l'Hotel des Monnaies, 81 - 1060 Saint-Gilles
T 02 537 65 40
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Urban agriculture, we talk more and more about it.
Why not try it ?
Even if there are many bio brands in Brussels, nothing is like your own produce.
Sky farm
Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 4 - 1020 Anderlecht
You have decided to make a vegetable garden in the city, in your garden or on your balcony? But you ask yourself how to proceed.  Here is your address.  The place where you will find everything for urban agriculture! Products and advice!
Thursday-Friday: 11-19h
Saturday : 10-16h30

potager urbain

Avenue du Port, 85C, 99 - 1000 Bruxelles
To recycle ground coffee and cultivate mushrooms.  It’s not to be believed! And yes, it’s true, there are brave people who have set up this project and IT WORKS!  You can not only buy, but also visit the installations. Apart from the ground coffee collected by bike, each month they produce 1 ton of fresh oyster (pleurotes) mushrooms and 10 tons of natural fertiliser.  Long live the circular economy!  They also offer visits, training and culture kits which enables you to grow mushrooms and recycle your own ground coffee at home !

Roses, lots of roses, and other flowers too in your living room during this confinement.  Isn't it a dream?
More than expected ... they deliver at home.
Just order through the webshop.
L'Atelier de la Rose also welcomes you in its shop between Sablon and Toison d'Or.
L'Atelier de la Rose
Rue de Namur, 33 - 1000 Brussels
T 02 503 58 48

Owning a cat, a dog or any other domestic animal is great for the family. Before buying an exotic animal,  be sure to be able to take care of it and inquire about the legislation.
CITES is an international treaty that regulates the world's wildlife trade. 
Chaussée d’Anvers, 12 – 1000 Bruxelles
T 02 732 37 99
The only one in the Brussels’ region, Reptishop is an animal shop specialising in reptiles and
Invertebrates. You’ll also find accessories and food there.


La Boucherie Moderne (tatoos)
Place du Jeu de Balle, 26 – 1000 Bruxelles
Considered by many as the '10th art', tattooing has become a lifestyle and has an important place in our society. Located in the typical Brussels area "Les Marolles" 



With family or friends, activities for all ages from 7 to 77 ... and even more!
Mont des Arts
Place de l'Albertine, 3 - 1000 Bruxelles
With its 500 m2, Enygma is the biggest escape room in Brussels. They suggest 5 routes : “Sherlock”, “the Maya temple”, M. Fogg’s residence”, “the Nautilus” and “the school of witchcraft”. Up-to-date technology gives you the impression of really plunging into the reality of these worlds. Each team is accompanied by a monitor.

escape room in Brussels


Due to the government covid restrictions, the center will be closed.

Would you like to have fun with your friends, to de-stress with them. These places are for you. You must like it…but you must try it !
The rage Spaces
Chaussée Saint Job, 719 – 1180 Uccle
T 02 733 30 06
To unwind, get rid of stress, escape the daily routine, the rage spaces offer you three rooms in which you can demolish everything with no consequences. Different themes are offered. The sessions last between 20 and 25 minutes.
A creative space allows you to use your debris during a creative session.
Please note that next to the rage rooms, a space dedicated to relaxation, meditation is an alternative for those who wish to get rid of their rage in a different way.
An unforgettable experience guaranteed !
Tomahawk  (lancer de hache)
Rue de Stassart, 46 – 1050 Ixelles
T 0468 38 07 55
Do you think it’s easy to throw an axe ?  Don’t be fooled. This entails real training.
TOMAHAWK has 10 axe-throwing targets, each instructor is responsible for 2 targets, there are up to 5 persons for each target.
Duration: 60 min.


You can de-stress, it’s great…but to relax is also important.  In Brussels, you have many relaxation and fitness centers, but these two addresses have something special, one only looks after your eyes, and the other you can spend your day nude…yes, yes, it’s true !
Le Boudoir du regard
Place Georges Brugmann, 22 - 1050 Ixelles
T 02 660 29 63
Through a look, one can read many things. Then, why not take care of your eyes?  Here is a place which only looks after your eyes, only your eyes and their contour. Eyebrows, eyelashes, hold no secret for them. Boost and enhance your look.

Thermae Boetfort
Sellaerstraat 42, 1820 Melsbroek
T 02 759 81 96
Thermae Boetfort is a wellness centre with a unique character. You can relax in the shadow of the 400-year-old castle in either swimwear or nude. There are two completely separated sections with no less than nine different saunas in total, swimming pools, jacuzzis, wellness baths and a great deal of other wellness facilities.

wellness in and around Brussels


And now, depart for India..and why not put a touch of this bewitching country in the interior of our homes !
Mala India Waterloo
Avenue des Pâquerettes, 55 – 1410 Waterloo (zoning artisanal)
T 02 354 62 28
The dreamy atmosphere of a grand haveli (meeting place), all the richees of Indian arts and crafts, old or modern, from simpler to more refined. A trip across the perfumes and charm of India.  All the profits go to helping underprivileged children in India. The shop only works with volunteers.

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