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Posted on 09.09.2015

Corner of Pleasures


1001 belges is a website of shared passions. It gives you the opportunity to meet around unique workshops all over Belgium.


The concept


- Activities all over Belgium

The website lets you share your passion or to discover a new one during your enjoyable workshop.

- Meetings around exciting activities:

Genuine places of exchange, workshops which give you the chance of meeting participants at home. These workshops are covered by Ethias.

- A TV programme on the best workshops:

The best workshops may be selected to appear on one of the weekly programmes on La Deux.


Types of workshops


- Workshops for creative arts : floral arts, jewellery, sewing, writing, painting, theatre...

- Beauty workshop: hair, makeup, cosmetics, fashion...

- Kitchen workshop: pastry, bread, healthy cooking....

- Decoration workshop: arranging, restoration, objects...

- Health and well-being workshop: aromatherapy, massage, nutrition, yoga,...

- Sports workshop: Rowing, sailing, dance...


Discover these workshops or organise a workshop at home to become known and to share your passion ! Inscription is free. You make your search according to the region and your creative desires.


Their Facebook page : www.facebook.com

Website : www.1001belges.be