14/05 - Think European, Vote Local ... Why and How? Afterwork organized by commissioner.brussels at 6pm.

Posted on 03.05.2018

Residence in Belgium's formalities

Do you want to vote in the next municipal elections on October 14, 2018?

All European or non-European citizens can make a request to his/her municipality in order to register on the electoral lists.
After approval by the municipal authorities, the foreign citizen living in Belgium can vote.

Be aware, the application form must be deposited duly completed at the municipality before July 31, 2018.

A form is reserved for the nationals of a Member State of the European Union, another for the nationals of a non-Member State of the European Union.

You can download these forms from the elections.fgov website

You need more information?

On May 14th, The Brussels Commissioner's Office and the Press Club Brussels Europe are pleased to invite you to a free Belgian Beer Tasting.

 Attendance is free of charge but registration is mandatory.
You will need to register before Monday 7th May, 3 PM.