4 exceptionnel Master chocolatiers in Brussels No appointment required to buy chocolate !

Posted on 01.05.2021

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The Belgian consumes an average of 6 kilos of chocolate per year per person, and you?


  • Rue de l’Etuve, 55 – 1000 Bruxelles
  • Rue marché aux herbes, 55 – 1000 Bruxelles
  • Rue au Beurre 1000 Bruxelles
  • Avenue Louise, 49 – 1060 Saint Gilles
  • Rue de l’Eglise, 163 – 1150 Woluwe -St-Pierre

Elisabeth is an independent boutique in Brussels that collects Belgium’s best artisanal sweets. Elisabeth’s lady owner travels all over the country to taste and select famous Belgian delicacies as well as long forgotten local culinary traditions.
From artisanal melo cakes (yes!) and the real Cuberdon noses to Frederic Blondeel’s divine chocolate truffles and the heroic chocolate brokken.

Passion chocolat

  • Avenue Louis Gribaumont, 20 – 1150 Woluwe-St-Pierre

Handcrafted, traditional and 100% Belgian chocolate products made on-site! The e-shop allows you to order chocolates online.

Laurent Gerbaud

  • Rue Ravenstein, 2D - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Chaussée de Waterloo, 1253 - 1180 Bruxelles

The artisan works with exclusive cocoa beans from Madagascar, Peru and Ecuador. A craftsman, historian by training, is a passionate about chocolate. Online purchase through Home Gourmet.

Benoit Nihant

  • Chaussée de Waterloo 506, 1050 Ixelles

Enter the very special world of the Chocolatier-Cacaofèvier Benoît Nihant and discover his gourmet creations, and we dare to say, his works of art! To go there is worth it.