A huge library of objects ... Use them, Do not buy them !

Posted on 14.11.2018

Shopping in Brussels

The concept is ideal for expats in Brussels !

You settle in for many months, many years and then you move on !

Why should you fully equip yourself and buy at often expensive prices when you will use your furniture for a short time and probably not take it with you.

Borrow, share, rent, loan….aren’t these concepts which are fashionable at the moment?

Avoid wastage, reduce waste, Usitoo has understood the problem and proposes a solution created especially for the life of a nomad, or for persons who care about the environment and of its costs. 

Usitoo proposes a library for objects to rent !
Garden material, camping, reception, sport and many others are offered for rent.

Thanks to a monthly flat rate or a prepaid payment, you can have unlimited access to a huge library of objects.

You buy points which you will exchange according to the object rented.

The icing on the cake, if you own some objects, you have the possibility of exchanging them for points in order to rent other objects.

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An opportunity to be a smart customer, don’t miss it.