A "Railway Museum" and a "Train Hotel"! Twoo new places in Schaerbeek!

Posted on 21.09.2015


 The Railway Museum


Discover the railways of yesterday, today and tomorrow. That’s what our new Railway Museum offers, located in the historic Schaerbeek railway station!  

Travel back through the history of Belgian railway tracks and let yourself be swept away by the treasures of the world of Belgian railways. Come and contemplate magnificent steam trains and a stunning collection of historic pieces.

Schaerbeek railway station is one of the oldest and most distinctive in Belgium. Now that this new museum has been established, this setting offers a perfect symbiosis between old and new, in the “Art Nouveau” style that Brussels loves so much!


What is hidden inside this museum?


- An authentic railway line
- A gatekeeper’s house
- The oldest steam train kept in Belgium
- Sumptuous royal carriages
- A metal bridge
- A driving simulator
- Games and activities for schools and families
- A venue for events

Enough to keep everyone happy!



Place Princesse Elizabeth, 1030 Bruxelles
Train World will be open every day except Mondays, from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm



The Train Hostel


The Train Hostel will officially open on September 24th at the same time as the Railway Museum, livening up the Schaerbeek community.

You can now sleep in the cabin of a wagon located in a building right in the centre of Schaerbeek.

This “Train” hostel includes 36 rooms and compartments decorated to immerse you in the world of railway stations and trains.

There are also compartments in two authentic carriage bunks located on the roof.

These wagons did, once upon a time, travel across the railways of Europe.



Avenue Georges Rodenbach 6, 1030 Bruxelles
tel: 0484 18 41 34
Prices range from 20 to 25 euros for beds and 95 to 250 euros for flats or suites.