A way to lower your energy bill Install a night meter.

Posted on 16.03.2018

Gas and electricity

If your home is equipped with a day/night meter, from April 1, 2018 in all Brussels’ municipalities, the electric day/night meter will record consumption at the day tariff from 7h until 22h and the night tariff from 22h until 7h.

This tariff is also valid on weekends and legal holidays.

If your home is not equipped with such a meter, you can always make a request to your distribution operator.

The cost of changing the meter is not negligible

It is important to calculate the return on the investment before taking a step. In order that this would be advantageous, your night and weekend consumption must be higher than 50% of your total consumption.  If the meter has already been installed in your house, the rate will decrease by 30% of your total consumption.

In general, the night tariff price (peak hours) is around 30% cheaper than that of the day tariff.  But each supplier might still add a fixed cost which makes the night tariff a little less interesting, depending on the case.