BEPS International school experiences school from a distance from preschoolers to the teenagers.

Posted on 28.04.2020

International schools

While the closure of schools due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Belgium came very suddenly, some schools were more ready than others. BEPS International School had already implemented online learning programmes and was well prepared for the imminent school closures.

BEPS' students, from preschoolers to the teenagers, are still engaged in learning – just from home.

BEPS Secondary Students were already used to this concept: They had been using Google Classroom to submit assignments and get feedback already. They build on that experience and are now applying it full time from home.

For the younger children – and especially the pre-schoolers – BEPS uses platforms which best suit the age of the learners. But the expectations are still the same. They are required to log in, carry out activities, report back and talk to their teachers. The key message is that engagement and challenge  remain at the core of what they are doing.

This is a new experience for the whole community - teachers, children and parents. All are working as a team, learning and reflecting together, and everyday creating improved online learning experiences for the students.

Although the teachers had already been beginning to acquire online learning skills previously, the situation has accelerated its full implementation.


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