Brussels becomes a 30 City A 30 City means a quieter and safer city.

Posted on 19.12.2020


From 01/01/2021, 30km/h everywhere in Brussels

On December 1st, Bruxelles Mobilité is launching the information campaign on the Brussels'transition to City 30.

The goal?
To keep Brussels residents and commuters well informed of the practical aspects of this general passage at 30 km/h, except on major axes.

From 1 January 2021, driving at 30 km/h in the streets of the capital will become the general rule, including buses, cyclists and scooters. Even on separate cycle paths and special lanes for public transport. The only exceptions to the speed limit are trams

Certain large axes will be an exception with a limited speed (and specifically indicated) at 50 or 70 km/h.

In the residential areas, the authorized speed will be 20 km/h.

Check the informative website, it contains all the answers to frequently asked questions, infographics, detailed maps to find out which axes are exceptions to the generalized 30km/h speed.