Brussels Business Flat, BBF, in this period of coronavirus pays a very special attention to his customers

Posted on 14.05.2020

Temporary accommodation

During these challenging times, at BBF we feel proud to be offering a home away from home for so many international professionals who have relocated to Belgium.  Many, far away from their family and friends.  To help our tenants feel at home, we have been proactively living out our values, being people-focused, communicating and ensuring that we evolve to meet our tenants needs in this ever-changing market. 
But through all of this, what we have found to be most important, is to smile, and take the opportunity to share, laugh and connect with our customers and our team members.  In this virtual environment, BBF has used social media to connect with our tenants, with fun quizzes, Belgian waffle recipes and odd socks, yes you read correctly, odd socks. 
Not only has this been important for our customers, but also for our team too.  Working remotely can be lonely but with many memes and Friday afternoon drinks, we have enjoyed finding creative and fun ways to continue to connect and work together.
So no matter where you are during this time, here at BBF, we hope you are safe and well and finding joy in serving and sharing with your customers and teams. 


Waffles recipe