Brussels'friteries are a must ... For everyone passing by Brussels

Posted on 04.01.2018

Brussels, breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea

Who, of all Belgians, have never stopped by a friterie, rightly called by the Belgians, a chip stand, to taste a large packet of chips/French fries* topped with a sauce – to avoid in case of high cholesterol.

If you want to make it worse, a machine gun, that is to say, a half baguette filled with hot meat, like a hot dog, sauce and chips. It’s a mortal sin, but a good sin !!!  Oh so good….


The best chip stands in Brussels are :


Friterie Antoine, place Jourdan in Etterbeek

Friterie Frit’Flagey, Place Flagey in Ixelles

Friterie du Miroir, Place Reine Astrid in Jette

Friterie Saint-Josse, Place Saint Josse in Saint-Josse

Friterie du Bourdon, Chaussée d’Alsemberg in Uccle

Friterie « Chez Fernand », Avenue George Henri in Woluwe Saint-lambert

Friterie de la Barrière, Barrière de Saint-Gilles in Saint-Gilles

Friterie "Chez Steve", Rue Charles Demeer in Laeken

Friterie "Le Tram", Place Payfa in Watermael-Boitsfort

Friterie « Chez Clémentine », Place Saint-Job in Uccle

"Fritland", rue Henri Maus in the centre of Brussels

Friterie « Chez Charles », Place Dumon in Woluwe Saint-Pierre

Friterie « Pitta de la Chapelle », Place de la Chapelle in Bruxelles

Friterie de la rue de Laeken in the centre of Brussels

Friterie "Chez Jef", Place Peter Benoit in Neder Over Heembeek