Brussels, such a very special city Discover the most admirables facades in Brussels

Posted on 18.05.2021

Brussels through the media


Located in the heart of Europe, Brussels brings together so many different cultures. This capital has no architectural style of its own like Paris, shaped by Hausmann or London, with its Nash-style terraces and crescents.

In Brussels, all styles are mixed in an admirable and creative architectural cacophony where the worst can rub shoulders with the best.

Whether you are Brussels citizen, Belgian or foreigner, resident or tourist, take advantage of this website to look at Brussels differently, discovering it with your nose in the air, the Art Nouveau ironwork, the modernist rhythms, the astonishing shapes of the windows, the stained glass, Art Deco carved stones, sgraffito and colored tiles and even street numbers, letter boxes, door handles,… all these elements so creative and significant of their time.

A website where you can find the most admirable facades and buildings of Brussels built in the 20th century.

Each building is geolocated and highlighted by magnificent photos.