Car Sharing Summer Experience Try the different offers during the summer

Posted on 12.07.2018


Do we still need a private car ?
Until September 22

The five operators of carsharing in Brussels – Cambio, DriveNow, Ubeeqo, Zen car and Zipcar are affiliated with the regional administration of Bruxelles Mobilité (Brussels Mobility) to introduce the offer of carsharing to the inhabitants of Brussels. 

Together, they have unveiled this morning the “Carsharing Summer Experience” campaign which will permit Brussels’ inhabitants to beneficially test this new way of getting around all summer. 

Until September 22, 2018, Brussels’ inhabitants will also have the opportunity of testing the offer of the 5 carsharing operators in Brussels.  The objective is to prove to the inhabitants of Brussels that it is quite possible to move around the city without their own car.

In practice, after having participated in a test on the Hub of Bruxelles Mobilité (Brussels ‘ Mobility) which will help to better evaluate their needs, the participants will receive a personal code which will permit them to participate in the “Carsharing Summer Experience”.

Here is the opportunity to discover many advantages in terms of comfort and economy which this alternative to the private car offers.

Actually, there are two types of carsharing in Brussels :the « free floating » and the « station-based”.  The two have their advantages.