Connecting EU mobile citizens with their welcoming cities Your active participation would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on 13.02.2019

The European Institutions

The municipality of Etterbeek participates in the European project APProach, which aims to facilitate the reception and integration of "mobile European citizens" (the "expats") into local life.

One of APProach's objectives is to improve the municipality's online services. You will find more information about the project in the attached note.

To launch the project, we organize brainstorming sessions, in order to explore the expectations, obstacles and recommendations regarding the reception and integration of "expats" in Etterbeek / Brussels.

Here are the proposed schedules for these brainstorming sessions:

European approach

 Access to these meetings is free.

This means that:
- You can participate in one or more meetings

- The priority target audience is indicative, so if it suits you better, you can participate in a meeting "citizens" if you are "professional" and vice versa

- Feel free to forward this info and invite other potentially interested people

Registration to meetings is highly recommended. Please indicate to us by email ( ) before the 15th of February: the meetings in which you will participate, your contact details, any other useful information (your motivation, your suggestions ...).
At these meetings, we will discuss:
- Access to vote (local and European elections)

- Registration of kids at school

- Participation in local life (life as citizen, leisure ...)

- Any other business concerning reception and integration of "expats": access to housing, mobility, e-government ...

-  Languages during meetings: EN, FR, NL

-  Meetings will be coached by a facilitator