Contemporary Art is super dynamique in Brussels Two very different initiatives recently appeared.

Posted on 18.11.2017

Art Galleries

Contemporary art is SUPER dynamic in Brussels with initiatives, big or small, regularly being generated.

ALLEGRARTE is a new online contemporary art gallery based in Brussels.

ALLEGRARTE is offering us a magnificent opportunity to discover and be initiated in contemporary art and to have easy access to it. This platform is an alternative to galleries, and encourages us to acquire quality works of art at an affordable price.

The mission of ALLEGRARTE is to reinforce the visibility of upcoming artists and those who are already known who are not represented by a gallery.  The choice of artists is a result of a selection by a team of 3 expert commissioners, known in the world of plastic art.

For the launching of ALLEGRARTE, an exhibition has been organised until December 3, 2017, in a Brussels’ mansion, which is an opportunity to discover a selection of works presented on Twenty artists will be exhibiting there.

Exposition ‘ALLEGRARTE Platform 1
Avenue Louise, 292 – 1000 Bruxelles



The Serendipity mixes food and the exhibition of contemporary art works.

At the same time, bakery-cake shop and restaurant, the Serendipity is also an art gallery exhibiting works on its walls.  The owner became inspired by the concept which caught his eye during a trip to NewYork.

For the moment, there are works by Christina Muenzner, a German painter, a Brussels’ expat, whose works are on the walls of a Schaerbeek establishment.

Each artist will exhibit between three and four months.

Besides the shop, one finds artisanal bread made by a Schaerbeek cooperative not using any product enhancer.

Rue Josse Impens 3, 1030 Schaerbeek