Do you want to get involved against food wastage ? Download the application “toogoodtogo”

Posted on 17.11.2018

Waste disposal and recycling

Today, we realise that food waste represents a human, moral, ecological and economic scandal.

Consumers (in developed countries) throw away around 347 kg of food per year !

This is worth considering.

The initiative is interesting :

Merchants hotels, restaurants, sell non-consumed products at a much reduced price. Those “before” directly end up in the garbage ! 

Thanks to this appli, you can find a shopkeeper near you who will participate in this action, you order and you go to pick up your basket.


Thus make a gesture for the planet.
TOOGOODTOGO is available on Apple and Android.


The apps "To Much", "Frigo Magic" and "Foodwin" also give solutions to fight against food waste.


Photo "LE VIF"