Drive-In Shopping in Brussels. Order online and pick up your purchases without getting out of your car.

Posted on 08.06.2014

This news is not publicity, nor is it anywhere else. Expats in Brussels chooses to give you information to brighten up and to facilitate your life in Brussels. Your shopping in the Drive In is one of Expats’ good tips…see for yourself:

If this solution already exists for everything which is classified as « drink » you can now have the same service for your shopping.

A site which gives customers the choice of more than 15.000 products/items.

A sure saving in time without the visual pleasure of choice.

A blessed or banned solution? The two without a doubt… 

Under a canopy named you receive your purchases made via internet, and 90 minutes later they are immediately put in the boot of your car. The price is cheaper than going to a retailer and the order costs 4,50 Euros, but is free for a purchase from 100 Euros. Only electronic payments are accepted.

As soon as you arrive, introduce your order number on the terminal, or scan your Carrefour card. The seller delivers the bags when you are making your payment by card.

It all takes no more than 5 minutes. 


Carrefour Auderghem - Boulevard du Souverain 240, 1160 Auderghem

Carrefour Evere - avenue des Olympiades 12, 1140 Evere

Carrefour Waterloo - Chaussée de Charleroi 579, 1410 Waterloo

Carrefour Waterloo- 

Carrefour Lasne - Boulevard de l'Europe 3, 1301 Bierges

Carrefour Drogenbos - Avenue Paul Gilson 455, 1620 Drogenbos