Erasmus Center International language tests preparation.

Posted on 04.11.2016

Language schools

The Erasmus Center is a non-profit education company based in Brussels, Belgium. With over 20 year’s of experience in Education the company was founded in 2009.

The  company offers a variety of courses in Test Preparation for exams such as the GMAT, TOFEL, IELTS, SAT  as well as offering Language Courses in English, Business English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

The company also offers Admission’s Coaching and applicatoin assistance for student’s who want to study in the United States and/or the UK. 

With over 98 years of combined experience in education and teaching, the Erasmus Center offers expert teaching, tutoring and advice for all students. We are very proud of a 98% student satisfaction rating.

Erasmus Center
Avenue Louise, 523 _ 1050 Ixelles
2nd floor
T : +32 (0)2 614 64 74