Escape Games in Brussels and around on a large scale A new type of urban escapade 100% COVID SAFE

Posted on 02.04.2021


Discover Brussels in a different way.

An escape game on a large scale, on smartphone, and a journey in the middle of Brussels that will take you to the center of the city, full of enigmas and mysteries.

On the Grand-Place or at the foot of Manneken-Pis, you will be geolocalized by the application that will tell you the exact location of the missions and the tasks to be accomplished to succeed.

With family, friends or in a team, you can travel around Brussels in a completely new way. 

6 different games for a journey through the streets of Brussels. 

Order online:

1° Download the app Coddy,
2° Pay the game online,
3° Reception of the access code, 
4° Share the code with the team,
5° Start the game.

Games are available in French, English, Dutch.

To know more about Brussels?
Green leisure in Brussels?


The 100% free TOTEMUS mobile application offers treasure hunts halfway between treasure hunts and geocaching. Geolocate at the starting point and then go!

Totemus, a treasure hunt combined with the discovery of a Brussels municipality, Uccle, and 5 municipalities of Brabant Wallon, close to Brussels.  Enjoy also many other points of interest in Belgium (Wavre, Waterloo, Hélécine ...).

Using your smartphone, you wander from point of interest to point of interest where you must answer puzzles until you finally reach the final totem pole.

The goal is also to learn by going on an adventure and having fun: the application highlights history, culture and heritage. Between 4 and 8 km, it is an ideal family activity.

The app is available on Appstore or Google Play.



Discover the variety of brussels’ neighbourhoods through these walks! These walks, which each take around two and a half hours, allow you to explore Brussels’ patchwork of charming neighbourhoods.