Escaping big fines just by civic behavior

Posted on 14.02.2020

What you should know about Brussels before arriving

30% of public rubbish  is made up of cigarette butts. From now on, to throw your cigarette butt on the ground will be heavily fined by the City of Brussels.

You must be aware that cigarette butts are highly polluting and very difficult to collect by the street cleaners.

It’s better to carry a portable ashtray or use a public ashtray or the dustbins which are numerous around you.

There will be a fine of 200 Euros.


But also:

-       Clandestine waste disposals will also be more heavily fined (up to 500€/m3).
-       Unauthorised tags and graffiti,
-       Discharge of cans and dog poop (up to € 200€)

This is only the beginning and so much the better for the cleanliness of our city.


Do you know that the police have the right to issue a ticket for:
-       Using your GSM when driving,
-       Not wearing your seat belt,
-       Not having a child’s seat,
-       For not respecting the places reserved only for buses and trams
-       Parking in parking reserved for people with limited mobility.