Europe in Brussels .... ... what's the impact ?

Posted on 13.01.2016

The European Institutions

Brussels-Europe in Figures 2016:

International organisations contribute 121,000 jobs to the Brussels-Capital Region.

European institutions and other international organisations in the Brussels-Capital Region have created :

  • 121,000 jobs, 81,000 of them directly and 40,000 indirectly.

This was the finding of a new publication "Brussels-Europe in Figures 2016".

The sector thus accounts for 16.7% of the jobs in the Brussels region and 5 billion euros in added value for the region's economy.

The brochure contains up-to-date figures on the number of European and intergovernmental organisations in Brussels, the estimated budget for lobbyists in the capital, the number of international journalists covering European summits and even the number of students in international schools, as well as many other topics.

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