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Posted on 22.02.2020

Museums with children in mind

BELEXPO can be visited in groups (schools, youth movements, etc.) or with the family.

Children adore Brussels as there are plenty of things to do (activities, workshops, courses, birthdays, playgrounds...).

With or without their parents, they don’t get bored. We have dedicated a chapter to them rich in discoveries (Brussels with kids) .

But few activities are focused on their town. Experience Brussels have done really well and offer you a series of activities not only creative, but which also takes place in the town.  The icing on the cake is the group activities.

Take a look, your kids  have everything to gain.


Are you a real “Brusseleir”? is designed for the youngest amongst us. At the beginning of the game the group is divided in smaller groups. Each group is supervised by an adult who will read the instructions and help with orientation within the expo. The children, or better yet, the artists, will receive all the necessary tools to: design a new underground station, find Edith Cavell’s missing objects, dress Leopold as a true king, redesign the European flag, and give magical powers to the life-size pictures of different characters which can be found throughout the exposition. At the end of the ride, the children will have a newfound knowledge of some of the many aspects that make Brussels such a fascinating city. 

Kindergarten (ages 5 to 6) and primary school groups (until 7 years) 

Max. 30 participants / 1h 

Lessons: Studies about our environment (society, citizenship) and artistic development 

Around the world in 19 communes 

Almost all of the world’s nationalities cross paths in Brussels, so there's no need to take a plane to go around the world: it’s all on your doorstep! Everyone has their own origins, language, culture and accent. 

We will put children to the test through three kinds of challenge: answering questions directly in your booklet, decorating the suitcase with globetrotter stickers and finding the code to unlock their suitcase! 

Primary school groups and families (ages 8 to 12) 

Max. 30 participants / 1h30 

Lessons: Languages (level A1 and A2. The game is available in French, Dutch and English) and studies about citizenship 

The Explorer 

After a journey of less than two hours, Brussels won’t have any secrets for the little explorers. Armed with their indispensable notebook, they discover the geography of Brussels, the inhabitants or the special birds we can find here, but also the European Union, the history of Brussels, some of the legends or, for example, the etymological origin of some place’s names. During this activity, games are interchanged with drawing, information searching and artistic creation. 

This educational way to visit the exhibition experience.brussel allows players to improve their general culture as well as reading and observation in order to discover Brussels differently, but it also helps them to develop their teamwork capability and their research for information. 

Primary school groups and families (ages 8 to 12) 

Max. 30 participants / 2h 

Lessons: Languages (level A1 and A2. The game is available in French, Dutch and English) and studies about our environment (history, geography, citizenship) 

eB! Pursuit 

The eB! Pursuit board game represents the entire experience.brussels exhibition. Participants split up into teams of 2-4 players, and work their way through the different rooms. As they seek out the answers to the questions on the cards distributed by the guide, their powers of observation and teamwork will be put to the test. The questions also help the players to learn more about Brussels and its unique history. 

For each correct answer, the players earn a sticker which they can stick on their score card. By the end of the game the players should have completed their score cards, and thoroughly explored the exhibition 

Primary school groups (ages 8 to 12) and language learning groups (levels A1 and A2) 

Min. 6; max. 50 participants / 1h30 

Lessons: Languages (level A1 and A2. The game is available in French, Dutch and English) and studies about our environment (society, citizenship) 

eB! Challenge 

The eB! Challenge board is made up of concentric circles and the aim is to get to the central disc. To do so, participants, split into small teams, take on a series of challenges. They travel through the various rooms, taking up progressively harder challenges that will put their observation and teamwork skills to the test. The missions let them discover all aspects of Brussels. Each challenge they overcome brings them closer to the final test, but they need to be careful not to get trapped by another team! 

Combining suspense and learning, this game helps teens hone their general knowledge as well as their reading, observation, teamwork and research skills. 

Secondary school groups (+12 years) and language learning groups (from level B1) 

Min. 6; max. 50 participants / 1h 

Lessons: Environmental studies (history, geography, citizenship) and languages (from level B1; available in French Dutch and English) 

eB! Quizz 

The eB! Quiz touches on a broad variety of fascinating topics. In this engrossing, interactive exhibition it can sometimes be difficult to process the flow of new information. This quiz has been specially designed to help you navigate from room to room without getting overwhelmed by it all. We have also taken particular care to maintain a certain educational format: the pages are dotted with open questions and multiple-choice posers, alongside various games including a word search and crossword. You don’t need any existing knowledge to find the answers, just a keen eye. Once you’ve completed the quiz you’ll know everything there is to know about Brussels’ history, geography, environment and institutions, as well as its status as capital of Europe. You’ll even pick up a few words of the city’s distinctive dialect. 

Secondary pupils (+12 years) and language learning groups (from Level B1 upwards) 

Max. 50 participants / 1h 

Lessons: Languages (from level B1. The questionnaire is available in French, Dutch and English) and studies about our environment (history, geography, society).

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Museums with children in mind