Families in Global Transition celebrates 20 years (8>10/03) A worldwide movement for mobile families

Posted on 11.12.2017

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Families in Global Transition Celebrates 20 Years

What started off as a kitchen table discussion among four women expatriates twenty years ago has become a worldwide movement supporting numerous globally mobile families. Families in Global Transition (FIGT) is an organization rooted in creating a welcoming forum and community for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them.

This year FIGT celebrates 20 years of growth, not just in membership, but in its own understanding of globally mobile lives and in addressing the dynamic needs of individuals and families crossing countries and cultures.

“What makes FIGT so unique,” according to current FIGT President, Kristine Racina, “is that while there are other organizations that also tackle the issues of globally mobile individuals, FIGT addresses those of many different sectors of the globally mobile audience, including military, missionary, corporate, small business entrepreneurs, international schools, relocation, diplomacy, not for profit, research, media and the arts.”

In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, FIGT is headlining a number of influential speakers at its annual conference from March 8-10, 2018 in The Hague, the Netherlands. “A record number of applications were received from prominent members of the globally mobile community… speakers who will inspire, question, and motivate,” according to Daniela Tomer, Program Director of FIGT. “Attendees will also get to meet with many people who played a significant role in making FIGT what it is today. As such, the 20th Anniversary Conference is the perfect platform for announcing our plans and ideas for the future of FIGT.” Conference registration will be open in mid-November.

FIGT provides members with information and resources, ranging from webinars, updates on issues relating to the globally mobile, and the opportunity to develop and connect with networks of like-minded people. FIGT also shares research on themes critical to globally mobile families such as identity and belonging. The volunteer-run, not-for-profit also fosters and promotes cross-sector connections for sharing research and developing best practices that support the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures around the world.

To learn more about FIGT and to register for the Annual Conference, please visit our website