Find the perfect Supply Chain job in Belgium thanks to TL Hub

Posted on 16.04.2015

Working in Brussels

Belgium has recently been classified among the most active countries in Logistics and Supply Chain. Indeed, Belgium is at the crossroads of many countries that are driving Europe’s industry. Its roads, ports (Antwerp, Zeebrugge or soon Liège’s Trilogiport) and airports are used every day by international companies that have chosen to manage their logistics from a hub established in our country : Caterpillar, J&J, Nike, Sketchers, Baxter, DHL, Panalpina, etc… hosts hundreds of job ads from these companies and many more, exclusively within the Tansport and Logistics sector in Brussels, Antwerp, Liège and the rest of Belgium.

The website also proposes internship ads, news and much more information on Transport and Logistics in general.