From "Matongé" to "Quartier des Continents" ... from now, shops may open their doors several Sundays of the year !

Posted on 03.06.2016

Brussels, 19 municipalities

The Matonge quarter is changing its name !

From now on, you will hear people speak of the Quarter of the Continents !

Located in the « Haut de la Ville, "Uptown" », to be precise, this quarter includes :

Rue de la Paix, Rue Saint-Boniface, Rue Longue Vie, Rue Solvay, Rue de Dublin, La place de Londres, La chaussée de Wavre from La rue de Naples until La rue du Trône and La chaussée d’Ixelles between la place F. Cocq and La rue de la Paix

An atmosphere coming from elsewhere, a blend of popular and festive Bruxelles which we know, makes this quarter an explosive and unique mixture in Bruxelles.

Very near the prestigious Boulevard de Waterloo and Avenue de la Toison d’Or, the quarter has a trendy and elegant side but also has an ultra pleasant ambiance.

At the same time, the many shops nearby accentuate this warm and friendly atmosphere which prevails there.

The latest to come such as the Belgo Markt which we have already talked about but also the unbelievable Unic 3D, which makes absolutey incredible 3D impressions. We will talk about them in our next news..

Shops, restaurants, events, places to go out, an African art gallery….2 super guest houses…You will find all this and more !!!

Look, look, loose yourself…what a delight !

More than 200 original market chains will open their doors the first Sunday of each month and this for the first time June 5, 2016.  Don’t miss this rendez-vous.

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