Hep Taxi loves Brussels. Artists and Brussels inhabitants share their love for Brussels with you.

Posted on 01.12.2015

Brussels, 19 municipalities

The famous «Hep Taxi » is affected by the news and takes to the streets of Brussels which are in a state of alert to reaffirm some simple but very important values: freedom, sharing, creativity, optimism and the joy of being together.

Bearing in mind the information and the terrible times we are experiencing, HEP TAXI! decided to meet Brussels inhabitants.

Reading in the press that Brussels is dead, we do not accept it! So we wanted to shout: "BRUSSELS, I LOVE YOU!".

On the way, TAXI came across a lot of people who wanted to share a message, a simple message, a message of life.

During the meetings, they talked, danced, sung, shared, laughed with artists expressing  the need to live without restraint.

This video is an initiative we loved and we are sure you will love it too !! 

See it here

« Hep Taxi » regularly invites people from the Art and audiovisual world, asking them to talk about themselves, life, news, being driven in the Brussels streets by Jérôme Colin. An intimate meeting !

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