Poseidon, the only skating rink in Brussels

Posted on 28.11.2017

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Poséidon, the only skating rink in Brussels, which, in addition, has a removable roof.

Poséidon is open 7 days a week and for the same price you can skate as long as you want !

Follow the numerous activities on their site.


Located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, just around the corner from the Town Hall, no problem with parking.

If you don’t want to skate but would like, nevertheless, to keep an eye on your kids?  There is a welcoming cafeteria with a window overlooking the rink.

A lovely day with the family in view !

Every Friday night from 19h till 22h, the young and the not so young can skate in an atmosphere of “best dance” and “pop” !

Lights, lasers, create a unique effect !


During the season, there are many soirées organised with themes such as the « 80’s, VS 90’s PARTY ON ICE” with an exceptional atmosphere/ambiance*!!

If you want to skate dressed in Disco gear, each first Friday of the month, you can skate dancing to the best hits of the 80s and 90s !


Each year the only skating rink in Brussels transforms its décor for Christmas and with a children’s garden (for children with max 1m25 wearing skates).

During the Christmas vacation, the children’s garden is open until 17h30.

Skate in a festive atmosphere and drink hot wine, Genièvre, hot chocolate, eat waffles or whatever, in our chalet open at the side of the rink!

24 and 31/12 from 10h to 18h
25/12 and 01/01 from 13h to 18h