‘Lifelike’ impression thanks to a 3D tour of your apartment for finding the right apartment more quickly.

Posted on 25.03.2021


‘Lifelike’ impression thanks to a 3D tour of your apartment

The pandemic has turned the whole world upside down. And certain developments can take off quickly in such a changing world. Suddenly, the doors to virtual applications opened wide, including virtual apartment tours. When real estate experts were not allowed to show their potential tenants around in the real world, the 3D virtual tour provided the solution. This virtual application has since developed into an efficient tool for finding the right apartment more quickly.

A comfortable apartment is an important parameter for making your stay in a new city as pleasant as possible. Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences. These are the pieces of the puzzle with which a real estate expert puts together a complete picture. And if you have a good expert, you’ll notice during the visit that the result matches your wishes exactly.

The theory is easy to follow. But not when a virus gets in the way. Because it’s hard to choose when you can’t go and see for yourself. The traditional landlords and real estate agents therefore try to get you excited by using photos. But you can expect more now: a 3D tour gives you a much more realistic idea of your future home. So choose a broker who invests in the virtual version of the tour to help you make the right choice.


Visit your options where and when you want

The search for a perfect match starts with a good conversation. You set the standards according to your personal preferences and requirements. A family needs more bedrooms than a couple or a single. If you only cook on rare occasions, you probably don’t need a big kitchen. Or vice versa… if you like cooking, you’ll want a larger space with high-quality appliances and the possibility of keeping in touch with your guests while cooking.

Your real estate expert uses all these parameters to select the relevant apartments to present to you. This, of course, gives you the most realistic experience. But for expats, this often means a ‘prospecting trip’ of hundreds of kilometres. The 3D tour is the ideal alternative to a realistic ‘first impression’. You can start them anywhere and anytime. This way, you can select the most promising apartments that are worth a closer look.

First step in a personal approach

Each new bit of tech is intriguing, and this applies to the 3D tours too. This brings your experience close to that of a traditional tour: you can walk around in the rooms and you experience the sense of space much better than just looking at a floor plan or a photograph, for example. Walk through all the rooms as often as you like and let your feelings play an active role in your decision.

The virtual tour increases your comfort. But with any good real estate expert, the virtual option is and remains just the beginning of an intensive and personal approach. For this, you have a number of possibilities for direct contact in a high-quality 3D environment. Make conscious use of it to find your ultimate match. For however beautiful the technology may be, as a tenant you rightly trust the ‘human expertise’ of your expert.