Make something good... buy a bike!

Posted on 07.09.2012

Bicycles, Motorbikes


Bike Paradise, a service proposed by « Les Petits Riens » (see below), offers expats in Brussels and long-term visitors the opportunity to buy second-hand, restored bicycles at a very competitive price !

Buy a bike from €80 to €150. The « Phoenix Contract » option allows you to return your bike after 1, 3 or more months and be refunded up to 35% of the purchase price !

For more information :

Bike Paradise – Rue Américaine 101, 1050 Brussels

Tel : 02 537 30 26

« Les Petits Riens » (literally, « The Tiny Nothings ») are one of the leading actors in the Brussels social economy sector. Created in the 1930s by the priest Edouard Froidure, commonly known as « l’Abbé Froidure », the organisation collects, repairs and resells all kinds of every-day life objects to finance its projects. Today, « Les Petits Riens » are able to help 1500 persons each year, provide a shelter to 120 homeless, and 300 jobs for reinsertion.

  • Drop the clothes you don’t wear any more in one of the many « Les Petits Riens » containers,
  • « Les Petits Riens » collect your old, but still usable furniture, bicycles, books, household appliances, … upon request. Think of them before leaving ! Call 02/541.13.86
  • Every year, young Belgian designers recycle collected clothes and objects to create unique pieces exposed at the yearly « Les Petits Riens » Design & Fashion expo, a trendy event not to be missed !