Mixity 183, pop-up expo > 06/2018 A plunge into Brussel's diversity.

Posted on 07.12.2017

Brussels, 19 municipalities

After having travelled around Brussels this summer, MIXITY 183 is getting a new home for a new start!

It is settling down for the winter, in the warmth of the interactive experience.brussels exhibition, which is the perfect place to (re)discover the Brussels-Capital Region and its inhabitants! MIXITY 183 is a pop-up museum, a temporary culture centre and an interactive augmented reality experience all rolled into one, which plunges you into the diverse melting pot that is Brussels, its inhabitants and the 183 nationalities that make it so rich.

MIXITY 183 is a meeting place, a photo exhibition and an augmented reality experience all rolled into one. It’s a great way of showing a snippet of the abundance of the capital’s associative and voluntary sector, and show our pride for our city.

Brussels is a city where 183 nationalities mix every day and where diversity reigns, whether it relates to culture, language, sexuality, age, social elements, etc.

Visitors will discover a photo gallery (by photographer Olivier Cornil), which presents Brussels' diversity from a subjective, human-scale point of view. Using these photos, visitors can then use the tablets provided, or an app downloaded to their mobile phone, to enjoy an immersive augmented reality experience, with “air drawings”, 3D graphic creations by illustrator and artist Pauline de Chalendar and a sound track by musician Daniel Offerman (Girls in Hawaii, Hallo Kosmo, TRESOR).

The entrance fee gives access to both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Rue Royale, 4
1000 Bruxelles
+32 2 563 61 11

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