More high-quality rental apartments available? Coronavirus impact

Posted on 25.02.2021


Unique corona advantage: more high-quality rental apartments available

The world is slowly getting back to normal after the pandemic. International opportunities are once again on the rise now many countries are advancing with their vaccination campaigns. About time, because there has been a distinct lack of opportunities over the last few months. However, this shortage of opportunities is exactly why you now have the unique chance to find your perfect rental apartment: a choice of superior apartments are ready for you to move in. Make an appointment now before they are no longer vacant.

Every industry had to deal with its own corona impact. The political bodies continued as normal, of course.There was much to discuss at European and global levels to clamp down on the pandemic, including the production of the right vaccines. At the same time, there was plenty of additional activity in Brussels because of Brexit and other European challenges.

This political hustle and bustle was in sharp contrast with the activity in non-political sectors. Some of these sectors were hit hard. Others remained active, even if it was on a scaled-down level. Many businesses discovered the virtual meeting channels - often out of necessity because employees were no longer allowed to travel. This was also evident in the occupancy rate of rental apartments. In Brussels, this occupancy fell by 10 to 15 percent.

Lots of additional availability

The unprecedented decline in rental agreements now creates a unique opportunity: now that you have a wide choice, let yourself be guided by an expert who will listen to you to know your needs. Make an appointment now to view the most promising options. After all, there is more room to manoeuvre for estate agents too: they are allowed to show you around apartments again and talk to you about all the features.

This means you can be sure you’re making the right choice and all your questions are answered properly. Discover the advantages of each specific rental apartment. And make sure the location is right - because a specific school within walking distance certainly saves a lot of time. Or maybe you need a train station or airport nearby. Right now, there is a great chance that the perfect apartment at the most suitable location is within reach.

Extra comfort and service

How do you achieve the unique combination of accommodation type and location? Allow yourself a slice of ‘fantasy time’. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible, and the perfect choice will come to you:

  • How big is your ideal apartment? (studio, one or more bedrooms)
  • Where in Brussels do you work: city centre, EU district, NATO and business parks, Elsene-Louiza or towards the south of the city? (RentMore defined 5 districts so you can make the right choice faster)
  • Which ‘points of interest’ would you like to be near? (schools, shops, museums, transport, etc.)
  • How long would you like your rental agreement for? (a few months or several years)
  • What services would you like to use? (Garage, multimedia, caretaker, cleaning service, etc.)

Your search will be much more efficient if you use these focus points as a basis. At the same time, this list of priorities will stop you from getting house fever: you can base your choice on realistic parameters to guarantee you will enjoy living in your new home in the long term. Use your focus points and priorities when you speak to a rental expert about the new and high-quality apartments they have in their portfolio. You will be pleasantly surprised about the level of bespoke support and guidance, helping you - especially now - to find the ultimate home to enjoy Brussels.

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