Multilingual sewing workshops for children EN for both parents-children.

Posted on 11.06.2014

All year round and holiday workshops.

Sewing activities : for children and parent-children together

I propose a fun activity which will awake your children's creativity. Sewing workshops every week (9 years and +), holiday stages, parent-children workshops (6 years and +) and birthday parties. They will discover the magic of sewing and will leave with their own-made creations.


My activities are always upcycling inspired: sock creatures, t-shirt bags, pull cases... While having fun they discover the origin of the clothes they wear and develop an ecological conscience by reusing existing objects instead of putting them to the garbage.


Activities can happen in English, French or Spanish


For more information :

Ruth :  or 0495/102818

La Vitrine-Transformatek

Rue du Fort 7

1060 Saint-Gilles