Organise an event at home ! What must one think about? Who to contact? Some original ideas?

Posted on 04.03.2015

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To celebrate, to make an announcement, to present, to be delighted, to welcome, to meet .all these verbs are part of our daily life and accentuates the sharing and the joy of being together.

Then, let’s send out our invitations !  

Expats in Brussels has thought for you and has prepared a planning with good ideas and good addresses.

Here are the different steps, choose those which concern you:

1.   The caterer 

Several caterers we recommend – tested and approved by our own taste buds, you can trust them with your eyes closed: (fr) (fr)  (fr/nl)

2.  A chef at home 

-       For a dinner between friends or with family and nothing for you to do, call a prestigious chef to come to your home. He’ll arrange an entire menu and help you to discover flavours, textures in order to awaken your senses. He’ll give you all his tips and when presenting each dish, give you the origin of the products and the way to prepare them. Expats in Brussels has tested him at home. The result: Super! Our chef : Nicolas Rainotte (bon vivant, funny, enthusiastic and charming).


Book your chef on : (fr/nl/en)


-  If you only want a small meal which can be warmed up, you can get your dinner at :

Fonteyn the Kitchen


La Hulpe


Uccle Fort Jaco (fr/nl)


La Dolce Vita 

Rue de l'Eglise, 102 – 1150 Woluwé Saint-Pierre

T 02 772 02 77


L’ Atelier Gourmand

Rue Vanderkindere, 472 – 1180 Uccle (fr)


La Villa Lorraine Caterer

T 02 511 44 83


Lasne (fr/en/nl)


Les Tartes de Françoise

Auderghem, Ixelles, Jette, Stockel, Uccle (fr/nl)


Au Coin des Saveurs

Place Léopold Wiener, 7A – 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

T 02 673 38 54 (fr)

2.    The Table

What is more thrilling than a lovely table with a magnificent coloured set of dishes, old and prestigious. So don’t hesitate to rent your dishes on: (fr) (fr)

3.    Decoration

What is more important than an original decoration to impress your guests?

Don’t hesitate to contact: (fr)


Two great girls have their heads full of ideas and will plunge you into a retro ambiance, vintage, romantic, design…a selection (fr)


Flowers…you can simply fill your home with beautiful bouquets or little beautifully decorated vases.  To help you, several good florists: (fr) (fr)


But if you have hands of gold, a green thumb and you are an « early bird », take a walk to the « marché de gros Mabru” which offers you a large choice of flowers at very reasonable prices:


Ouvert le matin de 4 à 8h Open in the morning from 4 - 8 am

Quai des Usines, 22/23

1000 Bruxelles

4.    Sound and Light

To make your events warm and festive, you will need a warm light and a lively sound. For this we offer you: (fr) (fr)

5.    Photos

Don't forget a photo to keep a beautiful souvenir of your evening: (fr)


A super trendy and original idea which will seduce and amuse your guests, look at the so-called "cheese box", a sort of photo booth at home : (en)


But also another great concept which allows you to print your photos in a way which is fun and attractive, it's the Polabox : (fr/en/it/es)

6.    The companies which organise events 

For the laziest people who wish to delegate from A to Z, we would recommend: (fr/nl) (fr/en/nl) (fr/en/nl)

7.    The place

In case you do not have enough room at home, put up a tent in your garden or extend your living room with a small window/glass roof*? For this there are two

companies to contact : (fr/nl/en) (fr/en/nl)


The Ceremony Guide

A very helpful book which will help you in the organisation of your events. 




   Don't hesitate to share your good deals with us, as well as addresses, ideas and favorite things that make you happy, to make these moments come alive, welcoming and successful!