Part 1: Our Children in the big Museums of Brussels Workshops, excursions, birthdays are organised around the theme of the moment and place.

Posted on 21.05.2015

Museums with children in mind

Our Brussels’ museums have all thought of our children. These places, where culture, beauty and travel, are intertwined, invite us to share the experience with our family. It’s true that the amusement parks will catch the eye of your child more easily but what better way to learn than to discover while having fun. Go there and make this discovery together!

For a month, each Wednesday,  we will highlight two Brussels museums organising children's activities. This week - the week of 04/05 - we will focus on two unavoidables: Bozar and Cinquantenaire.


Bozar :

Bozar studios enables the public of all ages to discover the world of art.

Come with your family to the Palais des Beaux-Arts ! I Regardless of the age of your children, you will be welcomed with open arms. There is a range of activities, specially tailored for them, organised throughout the year and varied according to the exhibitions.

You will find there :

-       circuits and discovery

-       guided visits to our exhibitions sprinkled with recreational activities

-       Family Days in honour of an artist, a style or a particular country,

-       BOZARSUNDAYS, Sunday appointment when big and small /young and old carry out their respective activities,

-       It should also be noted that children can come to the concerts at a tariff of only 6 Euros.

Yes, children are welcome at the Bozar !


Where? Rue Ravenstein, 1000 Bruxelles


Cinquantenaire Museum :

The Cinquantenaire in Brussels is a building filled with history and jewels of art, retracing archaeology, antiquity, and other non-European civilisations.
Even children are dazzled by the majestic places that the museum tries to share in organising these different activities :

- Celebrate his birthday at the Cinquantenaire

Discover the hidden treasures of the museum and the artistic workshop.
Who : 6-12 years (from the first grade)
Duration : 2 hrs. (from 2-4 p.m.) Saturday (except during school holidays)
Price : € 125 per group of 15 children
(Possibility to organise a snack in the « Midi 50 » restaurant: a supplement of €5 per child (a drink and a piece of cake))
info :

- Course, games here and there !

Discover games which existed a long time ago.
Price : 80€
Information and registration ?
Dynamusée - Dominique Delooz: 02 741 72 18
info :

- Wednesday Workshop

The museum’s collections overflow with heroes and characters with exciting adventures. Your children will recreate an imaginary world, developing their creative techniques.
Price ? 5€ per session
Infos? Dynamusée 02 741 72 18

- Games, courses

At the reception desk of the museum you can find a small notebook and a backpack filled with dracologue equipment : a measuring tape, a magnifying glass, precious stones…to go in search of dragons filling the halls

Hours : from Tuesday till Sunday, during opening hours
Price : €3 per family (per game) and an individual ticket €5 (adults)/€4 (seniors)/€1.50 (6-25 years)/free -6 years
For who : A family with children from 6-12 years