Phoenix Project, Cooking Class in the City Specialist or novice, you will learn!

Posted on 11.04.2017

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At « Projet Phoenix – cours de cuisine en ville », whether you are ace in the kitchen or a novice, you will learn how to make simple and delicious recipes! Cooking classes on vegetables, poultry, fish, cheeses, beer ... There is something for every taste!

Gauthier, a Belgian chef, and Valentina, Italian with the passion for cooking, welcome you in Ixelles every Monday, from April 24th (and on Tuesdays for the kids).

But there’s much more to it!

With "Project Phoenix – cours de cuisine en ville" Gauthier and Valentina chose to combine their passion for cooking with the desire to positively contribute to society. For them, food means taste and conviviality, while keeping in mind that the actions in the kitchen have an impact on the environment, the economy and our society.

That is why in their kitchen you will find only local seasonal products, organic when possible. A small explanation will allow to understand the seasons and different uses of the produces, to taste them at their best and avoid any waste.

Also, for Gauthier and Valentina, it is important to highlight the role of local producers. When possible, the producers of the produces used in the course will therefore be there to discuss with the participants.

The courses are organized in cycles of two sessions, in groups of 12 participants. Classes are held in French but we can accommodate English, Italian and Spanish speaking participants.

After cooking together, the participants will share the meal, around a family table. At the end of each session, they will also receive notes with advices on purchasing and cooking different produces, easy to put into practice in the everyday life.

Projet Phoenix also organizes cooking classes for kids (on Tuesdays)!

For our small chefs, cooking classes have a playful side. Interactive games encourage a positive relationship with seasonal food, especially vegetables. Also, to reinforce the fun side, all the kids’ recipes play with the concept of "junk food", but replacing the "junk" part with healthy ingredients!

So, go and check out the calendar of Projet Phoenix’s cooking classes! You will discover that eating sustainably tastes better!

Where ?
Rue du Page 66, 1050 Ixelles, in the restaurant L'Epicerie - Cuisine du Marché.

More info 

Phoenix Project cours de cuisine à Bruxelles 


Adultes :

CYCLE 1 : Les légumes, leurs couleurs et la volaille de chez nous

Lundi 24 avril - 19/22h - Légumes rouges

Lundi 8 mai - 19/22h - Légumes verts

​CYCLE 2 : La bière de chez nous: de la tempura au mijoté

Lundi 1 mai - 18/21h - Bière brune et son ami le lapin

Lundi 15 mai - 18/21h - Bière blonde et ses amis les shiitakes

​CYCLE 3 : Crémeux, onctueux, affinés: les fromages de chez nous

Lundi 22 mai - 18/21h - Tuile au fromage et ricotta do-it-yourself

Lundi 5 juin - 18/21h - Fromage au four et gratin de légumes

​CYCLE 4 : Entre mer et vignes : durable et de chez nous

Lundi 29 mai - 19/22h - Le poisson pompette

Lundi 12 juin - 19/22h - Bisque de crevettes grises, croquettes bord mer

​CYCLE 5 : Mi- chaud mi -froid, les salades de chez nous

Lundi 19 juin - 19/22h - Fruit rouges du cocktail au dessert

Lundi 26 juin - 19/22h - Salade de canard, vinaigrette aux fruits rouges



Kids :

CYCLE 1 : Ballekes de chez nous

Mardi 25 avril - 16/18h - Boulettes au sirop de Liège

Mardi 9 mai - 16/18h - Boulettes végé

CYCLE 2 : Gourmandises de chez nous

Mardi 2 mai - 16/18h - Pommes au four et crème pâtissière

Mardi 16 mai - 16/18h - Gâteau au chocolat et mousse de fruits

​CYCLE 3 : Ailleurs et chez nous

Mardi 23 mai - 16/18h - La fête au falafel

Mardi 6 juin - 16/18h - Taboulé de choux fleur

CYCLE 4 : Ailleurs et chez nous, tome II

Mardi 30 mai - 16/18h - La pizza della mamma

Mardi 13 juin -  16/18h - Quinoa Belge, une fois