Property Valuation Service online A user friendly website.

Posted on 08.01.2015


Immoprice is a property valuation service (sale and rental) wich acts for owners of residential portofolios and individual apartments/houses alike.

The system works via what Immoprice calls the AVM, or Automated Valuation Model.

This takes over a thousand location parameters into account within the area currently covered (Brussels&Brabant, Anvers, Liège, Namur).

Added to these parameters are details of the property in question : the condition of various elements such as type of property, number of rooms, general state of the property, roof, windows, electricity, land …

The information gathered within all these parameters then leads to a valuation calculation based on market data, not just an abstract calculation.

For an individual apartment, all of the data can be entered onto the system in a matter of minutes, and the valuation comes instantly at the end of the process.

The advantage to the client (or owner) is that the valuation is extremely rapid, independent and with a logical and market-based approach.