Several Art Déco and Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels where you can still stroll!

Posted on 13.02.2021

Guided Tours in Brussels

What a privilege!

You can admire the surroundings while sipping a drink, buying a bouquet of flowers or doing your shopping.

These places reveal the beautiful architecture and form part of our everyday lives.

Cultural and useful, the Expats in Brussels Guide tries to take you on a day-to-day trip around Brussels.

Rue Antoine Dansaert, 6 – 1000 Bruxelles 

L’Archiduc is an emblematic place of Brussels’ nightlife.  In 1953 the pioneer of Belgian jazz, Stan Brenders, opened a Jazz Club.  Its interior is a mark of the Art Déco style and was realised by the architect F. Van Ruyskenvelde.  Unique in its style, L’Archiduc continues the pleasant tradition of concerts and shows. L’Archiduc remains a classic party place not to be missed when you pass by the Capital and is open every day from 16h to 5h in the morning!

Les Ateliers des Tanneurs 
Rue des Tanneurs, 58-62 - 1000 Bruxelles 

A superb Art nouveau facade.
The architect F. Symons will be responsible for the planning of a building where the facade must serve as a real advertising channel for the company which is there.  The Art nouveau facade is decorated with graffiti by Géo Ponchon. It is a reminder of the large European winery centres.
Today Les Ateliers des Tanneurs is a living place which brings together office space for companies and the organisation of events.  There is also a fabulous cut-price bio market there.

Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelles

Flagey is a cultural centre in Brussels devoted to music and moving pictures. 
Culture lovers of all ages are welcome in this beautiful Art déco building, to take part in various events which range from jazz concerts, world, classical and contemporary music, to film events and video projects. 

La Basilique de Koekelberg 
Avenue du Panthéon, 86 - 1081 Koekelberg 
The Koekelberg Basilica ranks fifth among the world's largest churches. Today, the church first and foremost is a place of prayer for peace. It’s a magnificent Art Déco monument- there are two museums, each year there are different exhibitions and you can enjoy a wonderful view over Brussels! 

Magasin Marjolaine 
Rue de la Madeleine, 7 - 1000 Bruxelles
The « Marjolaine » shop is one of the rare commercial showcases of the Art nouveau style. It was created in 1904 by Léon Sneyers, student of Paul Hankar.
Today it is a small antique shop where you can discover a million objects, a real Ali Baba’s cave !

Maison A.Niguet
Rue Royale, 13 - 1000 Brussel 

The Maison A. Niguet was created by the architect, Paul Hankar, which attracts you with its flowered facade. The edifice has a large wooden and corrugated window which houses Daniel Ost’s florist shop. It has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful florists in the city. 

Le Résidence Palace
Rue de la Loi, 155 bloc C - 1040 E 

The Résidence Palace is a complex of apartments built between two wars by the architect Michel Polak.  It was one of the first complexes of this type in Brussels and it is considered as a symbol of excellence during the 1920s, dubbed “the roaring twenties”.  Some rooms are a beautiful illustration of the Art-déco style, very much in vogue at the time.
The patio, the courtyard decorated with a ceramic fountain, constitutes, with the swimming pool, one of the most authentic elements of the Résidence Palace.
The café-restaurant at present occupies the old banqueting hall of the Résidence Palace. The décor of the time has been recreated, respecting the original colours of the 1920s.  Little has changed, people who go there have a drink or a good meal.


But also

Horta Museum (Art Nouveau)

Villa Empain - Fondation Boghossian (Art Deco)
Centre of art and dialogue between cultures of the East and the West 

MIM (ArtNouveau) 
Musical Instruments Museum in the centre of Brussels


MIM Art Nouveau Brussels


 Basilique de Koekelberg

Basilique de Koekelberg Brussels Art Deco