Shopping Arcades of today

Posted on 19.10.2016

Shopping in Brussels

Shopping Arcades of today

During the 20th century (especially in the 1960s) one could notice a new popularity for the Galleries. In the modern style, they welcome shops and various cultural possibilities:


La Galerie Ravenstein 
Rue Ravenstein & Cantersteen, 7, 1000 Brussels, opposite la Gare Centrale.
Inaugurated in 1958, it houses many offices, restaurants and office buildings.
Since 2009, the gallery has been protected. It is worth a visit for its architectural style which is still intact !  
Galerie Ravenstein


La Galerie du Centre
Rue des Fripiers, 17 à 1000 Bruxelles at the bottom of l’Ilôt Sacré.
Inaugurated in 1952, it has known highs and lows.  It houses the Aventure cinema, 3 super comfortable movie theatres equipped with “love seats”.

Galerie du Centre

Les Galeries Agora
Rue des Eperonniers, 33, 1000 Brussels.
Next to la Grand Place, and unlike the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, opposite, she  has popular shops similar to those during the hippy years/era*.  Be aware that there are a lot of fakes.

Galerie Agora


La Galerie Passage Saint-Honoré
Rue des Fripiers, 1000, Brussels.
It was created during the 1970s.  Its disappearance due to the setting up of other shops was decided in 2014.


La Galerie Horta
Gare Centrale, 1000 Bruxelles
It connects the Central Station to the Grand Place and features the MOOF figurines' museum. The gallery is beautiful, in excellent condition, but desperately empty! A must though!

Galerie Horta


The 18 other municipalities in the Brussels’ Region dispose of Galleries also in the 20th century.

Mentioning amongst other things :

- In Brussels, commercial centre City2 Website
- In Ixelles, les Galeries Louise, les Galeries Toison d'Or (Website)  accommodate trendy shops of today, and the big chain stores known by “fashion addicts”. Les Galeries de la Porte de Namur are an integral part of the Matongé quarter and provides an exotic atmosphere, not to be missed;
- In Watermael-Boitsfort, la Place Keym;
- In Etterbeek, la Galerie du Cinquantenaire and le Passage Linthout Website
- In Uccle, the Village Fort-Jaco Website 

Since then, some very big and large commercial galleries have emerged such as

Woluwe Shopping Centre

- le Woluwe Shopping Center ( 
- le Basilix Shopping Center (
- le Westland Shopping Center (


A huge, new centre will open this October 20th :

- DOCKS BRUXSEL, along the canal, a quarter in full development. You will find shops, leisure facilities, food and culture under the same roof !

Boulevard Lambermont,1 - 1000 Bruxelles

Tram ns. 3 and 7, bus nrs 58 and 47, la Gare de Schaerbeek/Schaerbeek station*(10 minutes by foot) will take you there.


By Bernard de Plaen -