Specialised primary and secondary schools in Brussels Inscription

Posted on 01.06.2016

Schools using new educational methods

School enrolment has already taken place and we know that it is not always possible to find an establishment which suits your child, especially with a handicap.

We have, therefore, selected several specialised primary and secondary schools in Brussels, known for the quality of their education.
All subjects are taught in French.



Ecole Anne Misonne

The Anne Misonne school is a small school – ASBL- welcoming around 20 children who are unable at the present time to find their place in primary education such as it is organised in our country.
It is a balance between normal and specialised education.
These children, have a diversity of problems, such as :
- hyperactivity
- dyscaculia, dyslexia
- language problems
- high-functioning autism
- or as a result of family and social problems, require a personal approach and adapted education.

At the Anne Misonne school, each student benefits from a personalised programme, based on traditional education, adapted to his case, needs, possibilities and at his rhythm.
Courses are given in 4 small classes, the most “homogenous” possible for the level of age and the intellectual possibilities, of 4 to 6 children.

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Avenue des Volontaires 35, 1160 Auderghem
Tel: 02 733 14 87


Nos Pilifs 

Nos Pilifs is an outpatient’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation centre and a type III primary school, specifically for autism.
The mission of Nos Pilifs is the development of an individualised project and the implementation of the supervision of children who have a problem with Autism Spectrum Disorder, being or not being mentally retarded, with a view to developing their autonomy, their sociability and their cognitive skills.

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Avenue des Pagodes 212, 1020 Bruxelles
Tel : 02 268 03 71


La Clairière 

The primary school La Clairière is a type 2 specialised educational institute.
It welcomes around 120 students with a moderate to severe mental handicap.
This primary school aims at educating the children it welcomes by accompanying them in the different phases of their development. To do this, it recognises their differences and values their potential in order to fully develop them and to prepare them for their integration in society to enable them :
- To manage themselves;
- To master the environment with the maximum autonomy;
- To maintain social relations and emotional well-being;
- To highlight their competences in their creative activities, recreation and work
- To include them in the cultural and humane mainstream of our society.

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Avenue des Hannetons 58, 1170 Watermael-Boisfort
Tel : 02 661 78 11




L’IRSA, the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Blind, is the biggest French-speaking centre for teaching and education of persons with problems of sight, hearing, language or instrumental effects. The IRSA is located in Uccle, in a park of 5 hectares. The daily public exceeds 1000 persons, of which the majority are from 0 to 21 years of age. Among these persons who have sensory disabilities, a third have other associated handicaps – mental, motor or psychological – sometimes at far-reaching levels.

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Chaussée de Waterloo 1508, 1180 Uccle
Tel : 02 373 52 11


Etablissement « Joie de vivre » 

The Joie de Vivre school welcomes young people from 12 to 21 years of age with type 1 or 2 learning difficulties.
In a green setting and family atmosphere, the « Joie de Vivre » school, religious education with Christian values, welcomes young people with learning disabilities.
With dialogue, understanding and respect for everyone, we aim at the development of all

For individual learning, the pupils become autonomous according to their own possibilities.
The school is an open window on the world where each person can find his/her place.
On the one hand, the pedagogical project and the project of development aims at giving the young privileged participant a professional formation and on the other hand, allows him to reach a better level of autonomy and social adaptation.

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Avenue J. J. Crocq 10, 1090 Jette
Tel : 02 478 24 97

La Cime ASBL 

« La Cime » school organises specialised mixed secondary education, types 1,2 and 4, destined for young people from 13 to 21 years of age, having special needs.

The school also organises teaching adapted to dysphasia and paramedical assistance. It prepares young people for their inclusion in the adult world. It offers the possibility: to finish the scholastic journey, full implementation of an apprenticeship and the accompaniment of projects of integration into normal education.

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Rue de Mérode 398, 1190 Forest
Tel : 02 538 27.26