Spring is there! You want to buy plants? You need utensils? A big tree bothers you?

Posted on 10.04.2017

Everything for the garden

Your garden is coming to life. It’s time to get out your utensils and get going.

A big tree bothers you, casting a shadow when you want a little sun ?

Take care, we can’t do what we want !

In Brussels you need a permit to cut down big trees, that is, trees which are more than four metres high and which have a circumference between 40 cm to 1,50m from the ground. It is strictly forbidden to cut down huge trees.

Before starting to cut down a tree, it’s better to go to the urbanistic services of your municipality. There you might find a rule on cutting down trees.  It might indicate that your municipality forbids the cutting down of certain trees in certain places, for example, when it concerns a huge tree. 

If the tree is sick or dead, you can cut it down without a licence.

You won’t be able to replant to replant a tree within 2m of the adjoining wall of your neighbour.

For your daily gardening, specialist or amateur, you can find an enormous choice at the weekly market of your area.  But the nurseries enable you to do all your “nature” shopping at the same place. 

Here are  favourites nurseries in the vicinity:
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