Stromae "Carmen" Check out the new music video of Stromae’s famous song "Carmen"

Posted on 02.04.2015


Stromae is THE Belgian singer known worldwide singing from Brussels to New York.

How can you not talk about the new buzz of our favorite Belgian singer?

First of all Stromae released an instagram before launching his clip, creating the mystery around these caricatural cartoons*by Sylvain Chomet and Orelsan (also producers of the clip).

Then came the video.

"Carmen"  talks about our reliance on social networks, followers, who destroy  true human relationships.

A strong theme that features the bird of Twitter next to Stromae,  this bird chirps happily then becomes more and more frightening.

Barack Obama, the Queen of England and the rapper, Orelsan. in  an incredible video, in the form of a cartoon, which radiates a hidden sadness masked by the game of cartoon characters ... of the artist we looove.

Discover his video (at the bottom of the page)

& subtitled in English.