The Brussels Writers’ Circle once a week  "The Circle 19" is the third print anthology of writing by the Brussels Writers Circle.

Posted on 11.01.2020

Various Activities

Have you ever thought about showing your writing off? Or working on it with a group of writers that offer peer to peer feedback? Well why not come along to our events, pick up a book and see what the BWC has to offer. Meeting each Tuesday at the Maison des Crepes, and reading work written in English from writers all over the world-we are always happy to welcome new members, so this event could be your perfect chance to see what the Brussels Writer’s Circle is all about. 


A little bit of background about the BWC: 
The Brussels Writers’ Circle is a group for English language prose writers, poets, playwrights, non-fiction writers, screenwriters (and everything in between) based in Brussels. Although we write and discuss in English, you do not necessarily have to be a native speaker in order to join. Apart from English, Scottish, Irish, American, Australian and South African writers, we also have Dutch, French, Russian, Slovak, Romanian and Seychellois members, and even a Belgian or two.
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