The DE CONINCK wineries don’t forget us during the period of confinement Stay Home, they are there for delivery.

Posted on 26.04.2020

Wine, alcohol and cigars

The DE CONINCK wine stores and e-shop are also available for all orders by telephone.
You can pay remotely via your credit card or by bank transfer.
Our delivery service will deliver your order as soon as possible.
Waterloo store 02 353 07 65
Orban store 02 772 40 65
Weighing warehouse 02 640 44 65
Wemmel store 02 460 44 65
Uccle Store 02 345 44 65

Order via our e-shop
Our website is available 24/7 for all orders.

Free delivery anywhere in Belgium from purchases of 200 €.
And why not group your order with friends?

Reminder, deliveries are made without contact. This measure has been taken to ensure your safety and that of the deliverers due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

In order to maintain the safety distances, contact us when placing your order so that we know where we can drop off your package: outside the door, in the garage, on the terrace ...

Deliveries will only be made once or twice a week. We will notify you the day of delivery.
Thank you for your understanding !


Following the rules of confinement.
We ask you not to be more than 3 people in the store at the same time.
"No more than one person per 10m square and for a maximum duration of 30 minutes in the establishment."

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