The emerging sports in Brussels.

Posted on 19.05.2014

Want to practice a REALLY original sport in Brussels? Take a look!

Disciplines in their own right…, often practised for a long time, these sports, which we hardly speak about, until they emerge shyly to the surface.

Like all sports, there are necessary rules, values and endurance.

Want to practice a REALLY original sport in Brussels? Take a look!


The ultimate Frisbee

Everyone knows about the plastic disc which we like to play with our children. But did you know that it is also played in a team, very physical ??

During the “ultimate Frisbee” matches, two teams of 7 persons must advance on the sports field exchanging the disc and attempting to reach the end of the zone. One doesn’t only “play” the “ultimate runs, jumps and turn : a real spectacle !


Ixelles Air Raiders,

Belgian french-speaking Federation of Flying Discs


Underwater Hockey

This sport has two teams of 6 players equipped with snorkels, masks and flippers. Everyone with a snorkel, must, with the help of a stick, put a puck in one of the two underwater  goal posts located at the end of the swimming pool.

Brussels Underwater Hockey,

Training in the swimming pool of the VUB (Pleinlaan, 2 - 1050 Ixelles) and at the Calypso (av Léopold Wiener, 60 - 1170 Boitsfort). 

The roller Derby

Finally a mainly feminine sport ! This discipline, entirely practiced on roller skates on a round rink, consists of passing the players of the opposite team, without being pushed neither to the ground nor outside the rink.


Roller Derby League of Brussels,   

Training in the Charles Vandeputten stadium ((Boulevard de l'Abattoir, 51 - 1000 Bxl).