The first 100% organic coffee shop in Belgium! opened in Brussels on Tuesday 12 November.

Posted on 18.11.2019

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The selected ingredients are not only 100% organic but also from local producers. On the menu: besides pastries, an abundant and original choice of sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers, vegetable millefeuilles, with a wide range of vegetarian or gluten-free products. It offers both healthy and quality organic drinks and snacks

The Newtree Chocolate Café, a multi-concept coffee offers both healthy and quality organic drinks and snacks, to enjoy:

  • on the spot, in a very cosy setting or
  • To take away if you are in a hurry,
  • The Café bakes its own bread.
  • Customizable chocolates, made on the spot upon request. It is possible to compose your own chocolate recipe, which will be made on site in less than 20 minutes by a master chocolatier. Chocolate lovers will have a multitude of flavors, ingredients and types of chocolates to create a totally unique chocolate (for example, chocolate with crystallized flowers and apricot). The packaging can also be personalized.
  • "Chocolatree", a chocolate bar that allows you to taste chocolates from the range while admiring the landscapes from which they come, thanks to a unique audiovisual mechanism.

The "Newtree Chocolate Café" is an eco-friendly place
The new "Newtree Chocolate Café" is also carbon neutral, the impact generated by the activity will be fully offset. Newtree will plant trees in the cocoa bean producing areas used by the Newtree range. The entire process will be controlled by an independent body to ensure its reliability.
It wants to be in perfect harmony with nature, with materials respectful of our environment. The canopy is made from bamboo, and the bars and furniture are made from recycled coffee.
The inner terrace of the Café has an important green wall, whose plants and herbs can be used in the kitchen (for example, peppermint).
Salad bowls, cups or verrines are reusable and can be taken against payment of a small deposit. Customers who re-use these containers later will only pay for the contents of their meal and the container. Cardboard cutlery is compostable. All other containers are recycled and recyclable.
Finally, the Café offers free still and sparkling water to its customers.


Newtree Chocolate Café
Place du Luxembourg, 4 - 1050 Brussels
Open from
Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm
Open on Thursday evening.

Newtree café Bruxelles