The gradual ease of the corona-virus A long but happy way back to normal life.

Posted on 25.04.2020

Brussels, 19 municipalities

These dates are indicative and subject to change if the situation requires it.

The tracing
Starting this Monday, May 4, get into the habit of taking note of the people with whom you have close contact.
If you get sick, these people can receive an adequate support ...

Anyone from the age of 12 is obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or with an other alternative fabric. And this, upon entering the station, on the platform or at a stopping point, on the bus , (pre) metro, tram, train or any other transport organized by a public authority.

In accordance with the health protocol, and without forgetting the measures of social distancing which will be active for a long more time .
Today can open:
 - Food shops,
- Pharmacies, newspaper shops, garden centers, DIY stores, pet food,
- bike repair workshops,
- construction equipment stores.
- “Essential” activities,
- cycling, jogging or going for walks in your area.
- Industries and businesses (BtoB) can reopen.
- haberdasheries and fabric shops too,
- some physical activities and some sports can resume respecting the absence of physical contact, with a maximum of 2 friends, always the same, or with people living under the same roof.

Wearing a mask is recommended for any situation where the rules of social distancing cannot be respected.

The epidemiological assessment continues to be published every day on 

As of Monday, May 4, general practitioners can now test patients suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.


From May 11:

Wearing a mask is compulsory in public transport.
- Shops, with a few exceptions, can resume their activities, under a protocol to be defined .
It is imperative to keep the imposed social distance of 1.5 m. Regular hand washing and wearing a mask are also essential to stay safe.

 From May 18, if conditions allow and within a strict regulatory framework:
- Museums, sports, excursions, weddings, funerals, private meetings
in principle can resume under strict conditions. 
- very gradual reopening of schools.
- Re-opening of outdoor markets with less than 50 stalls.
- Re-opening of hairdressers and beauty salons.


From June 8 (yet  to be confirmed):

- Restaurants and bars 
- Reopening of Nightclubs is not yet defined.
All public and annual events will be canceled until August 31.